Make YouTube Videos
from Photos and Music

No Video Editor Needed

Let your music be seen!
Add a background image to an audio file
and Wavvid instantly creates your YouTube video!

Perfect for: Music Producers, Podcasts, audio books, ...

Wavvid - Makes your YouTube videos


Wavvid is a desktop tool for Windows and Mac.

It generates videos for YouTube from common audio types such as .mp3 or .wav. It stands out in its simplicity and aims to be a real time saver for YouTube content creators.

Combine your favorite pictures with audio recordings and share your creations with the world.

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Wavvid screenshot


How It Works

Perfect for sharing music or podcasts

1. Download the Mac or Windows desktop tool.
2. Add text, images and an audio file
3. Wavvid combines your files and creates your YouTube video

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Free Image LibraryFree Image Library
5 FREE rendersUnlimited Renders
Batch UploadBatch Upload
Auto YouTube uploadAuto YouTube upload

Beautiful Videos

Your favorite background image with a custom logo or text on top. Easily add crispy graphics to your audio files or music. Your videos are optimised for displaying in HD YouTube resolution (1080p).
Click here to see an example

Perfect Audio Quality

Combine audio content such as wav or mp3 files with a background image in a few clicks. Wavvid respects your creations and doesn't convert them to lower quality.

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Why is Wavvid free?
Wavvid is free because it is currently still under development, we call this our beta version. The free period allows us to collect more feedback from our users.

Will I need to pay for Wavvid in the future?
Although paid features will be added, Wavvid will always offer the option to create videos for free.

Is there any restriction on the amount of videos I can render?
No, you can render any amount of videos you please during the beta period.

What audio file types are supported?
Currently both wav and mp3 files are supported.

What video format are you exporting?
Wavvid creates an optimised MP4 file perfect for uploading to YouTube or other social media.

Can I suggest features?
Please do! Feel free to contact me using the feedback button on this website or in the app.

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